Detailed Information About Collaborating Organizations

EcoArts Connections
EcoArts Connections brings together science, arts and other organizations to deepen the understanding of climate change and speed the shift to sustainable living. Activities include performances, exhibits, talks, tours, convenings, and consulting.

University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
The premier natural history resource in the Rocky Mountain region, the museum houses millions of geology, archaeology, paleontology and zoology specimens, five galleries, a nature photography section, and more. The museum is home to the second largest bird collection in the Rocky Mountains .

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is the Denver metro area's transit system providing service over a 2,400 square mile area and serving a population of 2.8 million people. RTD has more than 140 local, express and regional bus routes and five light rail lines.

GO Boulder/City of Boulder
GO Boulder/City of Boulder helps create an innovative and balanced transportation system, including busing, biking, walking and carpooling to sustain the quality of life valued by Boulder residents, employees and visitors.  

Boulder East Community Transportation Options/Boulder East TMO
Boulder East partners with the community to shape policies and programs and provides transportation options that improve access to east Boulder's business and residential centers while reducing traffic congestion and dependence on the single occupancy vehicle.

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