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8/13/11, 10:18 AM

Hi, I'm riding the JUMP down Arapahoe and I see tons and tons of European Starlings at the Confluence Park Area. They're swooping and diving and enjoying the great weather. That's my bird story. This is Kay. Bye.

8/5/11, 11:57AM

Hi, not leaving a bird story, but I would like to say I think this is a great idea. Putting these bus stop bird guides out there. I think that's wonderful. Get people more aware of their environment. Thank you. Um, I would like to say um, that on the picture of the sign that's in the camera, yesterday's Daily camera, seems to not have the finch. The regular good ‘ol finch. You know the male having the red head, and the female being brown. Because they’re very prevalent throughout Boulder, just like the robin, which you've included on your list, and you know tend to be the ones that we hear with the beautiful song. I hope when you put out another addition of the sign that you include the Finch. I've had them lay eggs in my hanging plants outside and guard them, you know I become friends with them in the sense, you know, thinking I'm friends with them and we talked back and forth. So there to me a very important bird here because you know I’ve had this experience with them and they've let me continued to water the plant with their eggs in their nest and continue to water the plants when the babies were hatched. I'd have to actually take the plant down to water it each day, and needed the plant to stay alive to shelter the babies and they didn't get upset. So…you know I actually was able to touch the babies and they still took care of them, and then one day, you know when they're ready, they just flew away. But every year they come back to try to make a new nest, right in that same spot. So, they are to me a very important bird. I was told it's just called the common finch but maybe you have a better name for it. Thank you very much. My name is Suzanne. Thank you. Bye.